We provide low-cost, long-term, fixed-rate, 100% non-recourse C-PACE loans to CRE developers, investors, and owners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their WACC, and increase Property values.

C-PACE.COM was founded by commercial real estate investment professionals with meaningful experience in real estate investment banking and private equity. We seek to reduce the carbon footprint created by commercial real estate and generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients through C-PACE Financing.

Building to Net Zero with C-PACE

The ESG Financing Advantage

Cash Flow Positive

Reduced utilities and operating expenses often outweigh the annual C-PACE interest payments.

Energy Efficient

Facilitates energy efficient & renewable energy projects which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Equity Reduction

Reduce equity with long term, non-recourse financing up to 100% of project costs.

Improve IRRs

Originated at a fraction of the cost of equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine debt.

Pass-Through Expense

As a tax special assessment, C-PACE is often recoverable from tenants or as a “green tax” to hotel guests.

No Mortgage Recording Tax

C-PACE is not considered a mortgage instrument providing borrowers with a meaningful cost savings.

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